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Choose wedding photography to the key point
Reference: http://honglinab1b.blog.hr/2012/04/1630539675/use-of-professional-knowledge-choose-wedding-photography.html

A lot of the bride, the studio and wedding photography studio, this the difference between the two, is not very clear, in fact, you need to have a concept, that is, wedding photography is not, only studio, the advantages of the studio, is to have good scene, luxuriant dress. If you like, that very luxuriant photography, then, is the best choice of studio you. If you are tired of the studio that, without the creative shooting mode, so, you can consider to choose wedding photography studio.

How are you going to choose studio, or choose wedding photography studio?

The first key points: to see pictures of the sample, and don't look at the ads samples

We may, met this confusion: two wedding photography mechanism for propaganda poster, store or sample photos, incredibly is the same! They are the relationship between competition, would not have to repeat phenomenon. And, they all flaunt, their own characteristics. This to what is the row?

You in the studio, see works of art, most of us see of, is all their model. Model is very beautiful, simple sense is very good. At the very least, I have not seen, have taken photos of the guests, when asked to look at the time, the business will say, trouwjurken, we need to protect the privacy of guests. So, they can't see. You may want to a problem: they are filming example is true? Or the sample is bought? If, our own to shoot, also can make the same feeling? After all, everyone is an ordinary person, not every bride, like they type book in the model, so beautiful.

The second key points: price plan, some studio, there are so many consumption scam

About the charge standard, you must consult ahead, in order, the set of department content, explicitly flagged.

In this premise, I suggest you, need not too hold down prices, reasonable line, now the wedding photography, has not the era of profits, and you have the low price pressure, the businessman will lower your photography quality, save their costs.

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