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Zoals de naam van de blog, ik zal een verscheidenheid aan zoete liefdesverhaal te verzamelen en vervolgens te delen met jullie, hoop dat je het leuk vindt.
In the picture taken, need to avoid some of the position
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In the picture taken, a lot of the bride and groom, are very concerned about their picture taken in, because of strain, action stiff, photography no aesthetic feeling, very afraid of influence of photography overall effect, so, in her picture taken, the bride and groom, need to pay attention to what action, these actions are not appropriate. Based on my experience, I introduce some in the picture taken, you should avoid action, I believe, if you know these, will you help to picture taken.

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1, in the picture taken, if you lift up your face, in photography, will make your face, it looks a little bit small, but, if you put the face lift too high, can give a person you feel very proud, affect other people's mood, so in the picture taken, you should be slight lift up your face.

2, in the picture taken, you should avoid using, some not good posture, for example, overlapping your legs and hands are put in the waist, these positions cannot use.

3, in the picture taken, you must not show the bottom of the shoes, if you put the shoes of the bottom, direct exposure to in front of a camera, this is very not good behavior, the bride should put the shoes, hidden in the wedding dress trailing below. If you were wearing the short skirt, then, you have to put on a pair of nice shoes.

4, in the picture taken, if you use is, erect, side made, these posture can make you, looks very inflexible, in the photo shoot, the bride should show the beauty of the feminine curve. The bride's head and body, two arms and legs, the best form of arc, let the beauty of the female curve, completely demonstrated.


5, in the picture taken, you must not bow-backed, the bride and groom, must straight his waist, you need to enjoy, the expression of your energy, and your confidence.

6, in the picture taken, you hand gesture, very important, and you want to major, the body do not stiff, avoid you hand posture change out there, broken, missing feeling. For example, in your hand on the waist, or your hand in his pocket, you need to show part of the fingers, avoid to produce you the feeling of truncated.

7 and in the picture taken, must not sit too close to, sit the photo shoot, if you put the whole body, are sitting in a chair, you will make your legs played very thick. If you want to make your leg ministry line, more slender, so you should be, let your body forward shift, near to the chair sitting, you must keep up the chest, pack your belly.

8, the groom and bride, with photography, the bride and groom, in romantic was watching, and your eyes, must appear dull feeling, so your photography effect, will be very beautiful.

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