Zoete liefde
Zoals de naam van de blog, ik zal een verscheidenheid aan zoete liefdesverhaal te verzamelen en vervolgens te delen met jullie, hoop dat je het leuk vindt.
Our love movie!
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Photography, is an eternal theme of joy. Shooting, keep changing clothes, listen to the photographer's guidance, put all kinds of POSS,...... Now, it is time, owns a belongs to own photography.

Photography of remembrance, is using a group of photos, tracing the origins of a relationship, and then continue to in the happiness of life to-and, for the new people tailored, "love movie" type of wedding photography was born. This way, take our arrangement, the concept of unified whole, have broken the traditional mode, change the photo inherent pattern, overturned no plot, no emotional scene, in a theme, and multiple lens, the system to record, display of interaction between the new and shaped a complete love story. From the earlier writers begin, you can enjoy, into the back to have or fantasy, with two people Shared experiences, the director of a good love movies.


1, and campus theme

Back to campus times, to wear white shirts, jeans and take up double shoulder pack, holding that year of textbooks, sitting cabinet desks, recall ever of the interaction. May be passed in the corridor of the moment, may is passing at least expect them; May be you stand in the audiences, for the joy on the basketball court he...


2, play theme

"Romeo, why you are the romeo" "if you tell a lie, lions took your hand oh" "singing it for me, please, look at me fighter flying in the universe" galajurken ............. Whether classic, or cartoons, memorable classic story very much. Everyone fancy that, if I can and lovers together, deduce that is amazing story, should have much good. Believe in the professional service pack modelling division, the photographer's cooperation, this dream, realize up will be very simple, whether the medieval armor, clothes or tap of waving hanfu, or is fiction of the equipment, cartoons of scene, heartily design your script, believe that will be very exciting.


3 and true-life subject

Writers too much? So, use the diary simple story, to form, each be worth collect carefully details. A certain date, you summon up courage and gave it to his first slip; One day, the first time you about outside in, carefully shake handshandle for a walk; A certain date, you finally engaged; One day, you will be on the red carpet...... Even if the old, also want to shoulder to shoulder, sitting in the sea of the setting sun. Even, simple, no SOB real records, each lens, each a short, that can be moved by you and me.

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